Grow with me, as I settle into the Garden Route....

Updated: Mar 10

What is your desire?


Phone me to make sure you have an appointment. I work from early to late. Although, if you wish to visit me after 7PM, you need to ensure you contact me before 7PM to ensure I keep an opening for you.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Establish a time, you wish to come through to me.

  2. Look for the phone me.

  3. Pick up the phone and call me on normal call, to establish if I will be available.

  4. Give me your name and confirm your time, which you wish to come through.

  5. Confirm 20 minutes before the time to let me know you are still coming.

  6. Ask me to send you my location.

  7. And finally, find the relief which best suits you!!

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